Ben Batten

Ben is a Newlyn ‘Bucca’, retired English and Drama teacher, poet/short story writer/playwright, family man, Arsenal fan and Methodist. He lives in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom.

Bert Biscoe

VYAJOR GANS GERYOW (Voyager with Words).
Bert is a Cornish songwriter, poet, politician and writer. He has performed in various guises, from touring rock bands to village WI poetry readings, and is one half of the popular poetry partnership, Dew Vardh, with his long-standing colleague, Cornish linguist, teacher and poet, Pol Hodge. Both are always available for booking, either individually or together. ‘The Story of Cornwall’ was written specially for this CD.

Brenda Wootton (1928-1994)

A key founder of the legendary Count House Folk Club in the 1960s, Brenda charmed Cornish, Celtic, National and International audiences with her rich voice, warmth and presence for 30 years. Singing in English and Cornish her Bardic name was Gwylan Gwavas (Seagull of Newlyn).

Skyll Glas

A six-piece close harmony singing group from South East Cornwall, their sound is augmented by harp and fiddle. Consisting of Jess Crosbie, Anne Hughes, Bethanie Lewis, Jessie Parker, Ele Waters and Elowen Waters, they represented Cornwall at the Pan Celtic Song Contest in Ireland in 2011 and have released an EP, entitled Dingling, Jess Crosbie was a finalist in TV’s The Voice.

Douglas Williams M.B.E.

Born in Newlyn, where he lives today, Douglas was a journalist for over 50 years with music and drama among his leisure interests. He has written several books on Cornish subjects. He has sung as tenor soloist with operatic and choral societies and with male voice choirs throughout Cornwall. He was awarded the M.B.E. for his services to journalism and the community in Cornwall.

Twin Harmony

Jenna and Morwenna Matthews.
These Cornish twins have been singing their renowned harmonies together for eight years. They have three albums, Twin Harmony (2008), As Long As We Have Music (2012) and Some Things Are Meant to Be (2016). They have been featured on Radio Cornwall and together they have raised over 25,000 pounds for charity.




The Mousehole Male Voice Choir

The Choir formed in 1909, and continues to represent the highest standards of male voice singing, raising thousands of pounds for charities each year as they do. The choir members are drawn from all over West Cornwall, and are a cosmopolitan group, representing many backgrounds, from labourers to head teachers, high flying council employees to painters and decorators, and aged from 16 to 88. Check their website for a complete list of CDs.

Julie Kernow

Julie is the lead singer/songwriter of the band Naked Feet, formed in 1999, as well as a solo artist. Julie’s songs and Naked Feet have won the Pan Celtic Awards 2 years in a row. Julie has appeared at all Europe’s major Celtic festivals, and recently recorded an hour length live show appearing on German/Austrian/French television to an audience of over 5 million.

Buccas Four

Stephen Lawry (Bass), David Williams (Baritone), Charles Parke (1st Tenor), Graham Warren (2nd Tenor).
Buccas Four, formed in August 2001, when all four were members of Newlyn Male Voice Choir. Their name “Buccas” is a word which many Cornish folk use to describe Newlyn men! They have two albums, Cornish Boys (2007), and Made in Cornwall (2016). They have toured in Southern Ireland, Wales, Brittany, and many places in England. They have performed at The Minack Theatre and The Eden Project.


Boilerhouse is a six piece a cappella group specialising in songs faithful to, but not usually heard in, the Cornish repertoire. Although deeply rooted in generations of local singing traditions, Boilerhouse casts its net wider to include folk songs, American Sacred Harp & gospel & some home-spun arrangements of Cornish poems. 1st tenors – Grevis Williams & Mike Conboye. 2nd tenor – Rick Williams. Baritone – David May. Basses – Stephen Hall & Luke Murray.

Marazion Apollo Male Choir with St Michael’s School Choir

Marazion Apollo Male Choir with St Michael’s School Choir
Formed in 1904 and reputedly the oldest male choir in Cornwall. It is based in the ancient charter town of Marazion, close to Penzance, facing the jewel in the Cornish crown, St Michael’s Mount. The choir has a long and distinguished history of success in music competitions throughout the country, including winning the Male Voice Choir Advance Class and Championship Cup at the 2009 St Austell Music Festival.

Pauline Sheppard

Pauline Sheppard SKRIFORES GWARI (Playwright).
Pauline Sheppard lives in St. Buryan. She has written 40 original stage plays & adaptations for a variety of companies, most notably Dressing Granite (1987); Tin & Fishes (2005); The Ordinalia (4 community plays 2000 – 2004). She has also written for animation, radio and screenplays. The Cats of Boleigh (written for The Story Republic) is a true story.

Frank Ruhrmund

Frank Ruhrmund FOR’ OJUON (Ox Road).
A Bucca, born and bred in Newlyn, and a Bard of Gorsedh Kernow, he has been sharing his poetry, teaching and writing about the arts and artists in Cornwall for as long as he can remember.

Simon Parker

SCRYFER CARN MARTH (Writer of Carn Marth).
Simon is a writer, publisher, editor and journalist. His plays include Third Light, Gonamena, Seven Stars, The Illegible Bachelor and A Star On The Mizzen. Among his published titles are Full As An Egg, Solid and Horses Stood Still. Founder of Scryfa and a member of Scavel an Gow.

Annamaria Murphy

Annamaria Murphy of Kneehigh.
Anna is well known as a writer and ‘Word Witch’. She has worked with Kneehigh almost from the beginning. She has written shows including Tristan & Yseult (with Carl Grose), The Red Shoes, Don John, and Midnight’s Pumpkin, and leads the Kneehigh Rambles programme, working with young people and communities. For the past three years, she has been walking the Roads less Travelled in Cornwall, collecting, re-inventing and exaggerating stories heard along the way.

Rene Nash (1908-1987).

Like her daughter, Liz Harman, “Rene was a true native of Cornwall. She was renowned for her recitations of old local events – gems of native history. ‘The Mount’, recorded in 1970, gives the listener an opportunity to hear ‘real Newlyn’ as it should be spoken.” Sentinel Records.

John Harry

John Harry of St. Just was a poet, organist, choir master, expert in Cornish dialect and friend to many. He was appointed organist of Paul Church in November, 1984.  John passed away in February 2017. This CD is dedicated to his memory.

Liz Harman

NEDHORSES HWEDLOW (Spinner of Tales).
Liz, who was born in Newlyn, specialises in dialect verse and prose. Her work has appeared in Scryfa and the Western Morning News, and three collections – Now ’Ark To Me, Now ’Ark Some More and Now ’Ark To Aunt Sarah Anne – are published by Scryfa.

Stephen Hall

STAVER AN HAL (Walker on the Moor).
Penwith Cornishman, author, playwright, poet, musician, singer and performer. A Bard of the Cornish Gorsedh in recognition of services to West Cornwall,
by creating the Penwith Community Archive which inspired the annual revival and renewal of Penzance’s ancient mid-summer festival of Golowan – Gol Jowan – ‘The Feast of John’ and the many Golowan community projects he directed for 17 years.

Charles Causley (1917-2003)

MORVARTH (Sea Bard).
“Born and brought up in Launceston, Cornwall, Charles lived there for most of his life. Causley’s mastery of traditional forms imparts a timeless quality to his poetry, the voice of which is more often communal than personal.” The Poetry Archive.